Embrace Vulnerability and Enrichment:

We understand that opening up can be vulnerable, but it's in those moments that the most enriching and authentic experiences arise. Our photography sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable and supported, allowing your true self to shine through effortlessly.

Just like the Swift Fox's playful spirit, we believe in combining intentionality with a sense of adventure. Let's create artful and intentional images that also embrace spontaneity and joy, resulting in a gallery that celebrates the playful side of your love story.

Timeless Elegance - Swift Fox Wedding Photography

The magical process

Experience personalized wedding photography in California. We can meet in-person over coffee, virtually via Zoom, or through a phone call to discuss your unique vision. Share your photography needs, and together, we'll ensure your moments are captured beautifully. If we're not the perfect fit, our network of amazing photography affiliates in California may have just what you're looking for.

California and destination Wedding Photography - Personalized Services for Your Special Day


Discover versatile photography services for engagements, micro weddings, elopements, and large weddings with Swift Fox Productions. Whether you need photography for personal or business purposes, we've got you covered. From promoting your new landscaping business to capturing adorable dog moments, let us know your vision, and we'll aim to please.

Capture Your Special Moments - Engagements, Micro Weddings, Elopements, and More


Discover expert photography tips, from stunning engagement shoot locations on the ocean to perfect outfit ideas. Let's create a seamless photography schedule for your wedding day. At Swift Fox Productions Photography, our goal is to capture you at your best, feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Expert Photography Tips & Personalized Schedules for Your Special Day


"Lets capture unforgettable memories together! From cherished moments with loved ones to those yet to be in your life, we'll preserve your unique love story. Enjoy an online shareable gallery with high-resolution edited photographs and access to professional printing services. Plus, savor the excitement with 5-10 sneak peek images. Don't wait; let us create lasting memories for you and your loved ones."

Preserve Your Cherished Moments - Your Wedding Gallery and Printing Services

In selecting Swift Fox Productions you are choosing a particular aesthetic style so I only give edited high resolution selected files and no original files.

Will you give us the original files?

Minor edits will be made to all of your images, but I believe our imperfections are what make us beautiful & unique. If there are specific edits you want, these will be charged according to the number and complexity of edits.

Q: Will you Photoshop my images to hide any unwanted spots, wrinkles, etc?

I  aim to have 100 edited images for every hour of shooting

How many images can we expect? 

Yes you can! This is YOUR day and I'd love to make your desires come true. In an initial consultation phone call we can go over all the services you are wanting to book

Can we add or subtract hours or other services

If the first thing you did was reach out to secure your wedding venue, you might have been surprised how far in advance our bookings can be. Don't wait. Reach out and we can get your questions answered. 


I can't wait to meet you!

Ready to share your love story?

Natasha Lozanoff is based
in Santa Cruz, Ca